Lips being too small, too narrow, or asymmetrical; dropping lip angles, small lines around the lips

Target group

Full, bright and firm lips inseparably associated with sensuality and feminine beauty – now at your fingertips thanks to hyaluronic acid lip modeling. The procedure increases the volume of lips while simultaneously ensuring their natural hydration. This quick and minimally invasive procedure is a simple way to boost your attractiveness since proper lip filling and modeling is a great way to improve overall facial appearance. Hyaluronic acid modeling is available in a broad range of options to match patients’ needs and expectations. Our physicians use fillers to enlarge lips, correct their shape, strengthen their contours, fill tiny lines around the lips of lift the dropping lip angles, Age is not a contraindication.

What is hyaluronic acid?

Hyaluronic acid is a compound which binds water within the dermis.  Its effect is achieved along two distinct mechanisms. On one hand, hyaluronic acid increases the lip volume and highlights the lip contour. On the other hand, it has a therapeutic effect consisting in deep tissue hydration. Thus, a dual effect is achieved in a single, short procedure.  The lips become full, symmetrical, and precisely contoured. At the same time, they are firm, well-nourished and radiant.

Anesthesia and the course of the procedure

The procedure lasts about 1 hour. About 20 minutes is required for anesthesia while the injection of hyaluronic acid lasts about 15 minutes. Modeling is carried out along with the recommendations of the attending physician and patient’s preferences. The procedure is completely safe provided that it is performed in an outpatient setting by an experienced and qualified physician. The filler material for lip contouring is also of importance. At Medicus Self, we use only highest quality, certified products from renowned, global manufacturers which guarantee safety and comfort for both the patients and the physicians delivering the procedures. We make every effort to maximize the patient’s comfort. HA lip contouring starts with local anesthesia which makes the procedure virtually painless. Anesthesia is achieved using the certified EMLA cream.

When does the effect become visible and how long is it maintained?

Injection of hyaluronic acid ensures an immediate and very natural effect. It is maintained for up to 8 months as the hyaluronic acid is gradually absorbed. Even after absorption, the lips are in better condition as compared to the baseline before the procedure.

At Medicus Self, hyaluronic acid lip contouring is offered with the use of two types of fillers from renowned worldwide manufacturers, Restylane and StylAgeLips.