Vaginal dryness


Vaginal dryness is a common problem among women regardless of age and lifestyle. There are numerous potential causes of insufficient lubrication of female reproductive organs, although in the majority of cases the underlying problem is hormonal and results from disturbances of estrogen turnover. Low levels of this hormone lead to a variety of disorders, including abnormalities of vaginal lubrication. This etiology mainly affects women at the beginning or after menopause, but also postpartum or breastfeeding women.

However, abnormal vaginal dryness may also be caused by extreme stress and poor concentration due to fatigue. Genital lubrication may also be poor when the organism’s defenses are impaired – during an infection or shortly thereafter, due to allergy or use of antihistamines. Proper hygiene and ensuing changes to the bacterial flora may also contribute to development of this condition.


Excessive vaginal dryness presents mainly during coitus, when mucus excretion is insufficient, which in extreme cases makes intercourse impossible. Moreover, itching or burning sensation may be present in the scrotum, often accompanied by painful pressure sensation, causing discomfort during the day.

We should be also alarmed by unpleasantly smelling discharge – it may be a symptom of dangerous genital infection. Severe pulsatile pain in the vagina accompanied by the sense of dryness are the main symptoms of bacterial infection – in such cases we should cease sexual relations until resolution of symptoms and visit a gynecologist as soon as possible.


If your vagina is dry only in specific situations, i.e. before your period, it usually should not raise any concerns. However, you should take greater care of your hygiene at that time, for example, by using cosmetics containing lactic acid. A lubricant may be of aid if you want to engage in intercourse. It is a good idea to use a vaginal gel – they are usually available without doctors’ prescription.

However, when vaginal dryness impairs normal functioning and is accompanied by above-mentioned additional symptoms, specialist help should be sought in order to prevent serious infection.

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