Stretch marks


Stretch marks are spindle-shaped bands in the superficial skin layer that affect the appearance of the skin. From a medical point of view they are completely harmless, but may be disfiguring.

They are caused by excessive stretching of the skin due to abrupt increase in volume of muscle or adipose tissue. In other words – they are formed when the skin cannot keep up with the expanding body and becomes overstretched, weakening its structure through rupture of collagen and elastin fibers.

This problem affects the majority of women and is not unusual, although it may pose a serious esthetic problem.


Stretch marks appear as “grooves” in the skin. In an initial phase, they may also be red, purple or livid. The faster the skin has to adapt to increasing body mass, the more likely it will be to develop these lesions.

Stretch marks mainly affect women and appear, for example, as a result of pregnancy, breast enlargement surgery, or sudden weight gain. Currently, men are also at risk of developing stretch marks, especially body builders, whose muscles grow faster due to intensive training. However, not only mechanical injury causes stretch marks – their development is also determined genetically.


Due to the widespread prevalence of stretch marks, experts in esthetic medicine developed a number of treatments that allow for effective removal of these disfiguring lesions. The sooner we begin treatment, the better the results – restoration of primary structure of skin fibers is possible at an early stage. Otherwise, surgery may be necessary.

Fractional CO2 laser or mesotherapy are some of the most innovative treatment methods for this condition.

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