Small lips


Small lips draw no attention. Beautiful lips and large eyes are the highlights of feminine face and thus many women make a decision to undergo lip correction procedures. Small and thin lips may not be very attractive, even with lipstick on. This may be uncomfortable for women dreaming of phenomenal beauty. Appropriate size of the lips translates into satisfaction and improved quality of life.


For many people, small or narrow lips are the main cause of inferiority complex. Dissatisfaction of one’s appearance, despite its being independent on our efforts due to the genetic origins, makes some women uncomfortable with their own mirror reflection. Unwelcome facial defects and problems may not be concealed, and therefore small lips may be a great nuisance. Inferiority complex leads to reduced self-esteem and social aversion.


Since the face is the showcase of every human, women with smaller lips may decide to undergo cosmetic procedures for a subtle improvement of their appearance. A solution may be provided by hyaluronic acid which makes the lips look larger and duller. Hyaluronic acid is found naturally in the human system, and therefore constitutes a 100% safe method for the correction of small lips. The substance binds water molecules for better lip filling. The outcomes, however, are not permanent since satisfactory effects are maintained for several months while hyaluronic acid is naturally reabsorbed.

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