Ageing skin

For the skin to look youthful and healthy, it needs appropriate elasticity, density, and support. Deficiencies in these elements are indicative of the ageing process. Collagen fibers, which are responsible for skin elasticity and thickness, become sparser, leading to thinner, flabbier skin and the development of wrinkles. In addition, the amounts of fat and bone support of skin tissues may also be reduced in the ageing process. Due to the lack of support, facial contours are changed and the expression may become dull and fatigued. This is a natural, physiological process; luckily, it may be delayed and even partially reversed.

What is Sculptra?

Sculptra is a unique product based on poly(L-lactic acid) which strongly stimulates regeneration of natural collagen within the skin. It restores lost facial volume so that the skin recovers its elasticity and thickness. Better skin tone and firmness are accompanied by a clearly more youthful look. Sculptra is an original offer in the world of aesthetic medicine, available to all patients who demand deep restoration along with the maintenance of the natural look of their skin.

How Sculptra works

The effect of Sculptra is the result of the product’s ability to induce the synthesis of new collagen fibers. As a result, the outcomes are more natural and longer maintained. The effect of the product is gradual, with the increase in tissue volume occurring over a period of several weeks. The aqueous solution is absorbed so that skin regeneration may start. The procedure should be repeated every several months for optimum effects. Sometimes, however, a single procedure may be enough to improve the skin appearance. The treatment plan is determined by the physician and patient according to the patient’s individual needs.

Is the procedure safe?

Poly(L-lactic acid) is a biocompatible and biodegradable substance which means that it perfectly integrates with the skin with very low risk of allergic reaction. As any other medical procedure, application of Sculptra may cause adverse effects. Every procedure must be preceded by a medical consultation, with the physician providing all necessary information. The most common side effects of the procedure include pain, redness, bruising or slight swelling at the injection site. The symptoms usually resolve within 2-6 days.

Procedure outcomes

The outcome of the procedure consists in a natural, healthy appearance of skin which goes together with customers’ expectations. The results of aesthetic medicine procedure should not be overly evident or obvious for other people. They should, however, stop or even revert the symptoms of ageing. The Sculptra procedure makes the skin firmed, tighter, and better contoured. Flabbiness disappears while areas such as temples or cheekbone regions regain their natural shape. Thanks to the new collagen fibers, tissues regain youthfulness. The durability of outcomes depends on numerous individual factors; however, studies show that the result may be visible for as long as more than 2 years. 

The uniqueness of Sculptra

  • Strongly stimulates collagen production
  • Restores natural facial contours
  • Long-term effects lasting for up to 2 years!
  • Tested, proven, and safe
  • FDA-approved
  • Used in more than 40 countries
  • High level of customer satisfaction
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