Saggy breasts


Sagging breasts can be the cause of serious insecurities. See, what may be the cause of that and how to improve the appearance of breasts.


    • Genes – breast shape is often determined genetically and woman has no control over it.
    • Frequent weight losses and weight gains – breasts lose their shape with frequent weight fluctuations.
    • Smoking – compounds contained in cigarettes reduce collagen content that is responsible for breast firmness.
    • Bad bra shape – wrong size of the bra causes breasts to be constantly exposed to gravity.
    • Slouching – proper posture influences the appearance.
    • Sunbathing – UV light makes the skin less firm, causing breasts to sag.


During the lifting procedure excess skin is removed, breast gland is lifted upward and nipples are repositioned. The mastopexy technique depends on the extent to which breasts have fallen as well as their size. Breasts may be lifted through:

  • an incision in the shape of inverse T – breast is cut vertically downward, around the nipple and in a sulcus underneath the breast,
  • an L-shaped incision – around the nipple and straight down,
  • incision only around the nipple.

Surgery lasts for about 2-3 hours. It is performed under general anesthesia. Patient should stay at the clinic for about two days for observation and drain removal.


After surgery patient will enjoy sculpted, firm breasts that will resemble their previous shape.



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