Pumpkin Peel


  • Active acne vulgaris: pimples, comedones, inflammations, purulent lesions, inflammatory discolorations
  • Mature skin photoageing
  • Sun-caused discolorations
  • Oily skin with enlarged sebaceous gland openings


Pumpkin Peel: an enzymatic/chemical peel for problem-prone skin with recurrent acne, seborrhea, dilated pores and inflammatory discolorations. The uniqueness of the procedure consists in regulation of the function of sebaceous glands and on equilibration of skin microflora in addition to epidermal exfoliation.

Why is the pumpkin extract used as the key component of the treatment? The pumpkin extract is held in great esteem by American scientists due to its rich composition including vitamins B1, B2, B6, PP, and K, as well as 10% content of vitamin C. In addition, it provides a significant dose of carotene, i.e. Provitamin A which penetrates skin and is transformed into retinoic acid which is an exceptionally effective antioxidant. Vitamin A contributes to the reduction of seborrhea by inhibiting the sebaceous glands and consequently reduces formation of comedones or pimples.

Besides the aforementioned pumpkin extract [40%], the treatment is enriched with glycolic acid [10%] and salicylic acid [5%], lactic acid [10%], azelaic acid [10%], and kojic acid [5%].


  • Skin exfoliation starts on the second day after the procedure and lasts for a maximum of 6 days
  • Regulation of the function of sebaceous glands and reduction in the number of inflammatory foci
  • Elimination of purulent lesions, pustulae, comedones; contraction of sebaceous gland openings
  • Brighter skin and elimination of discolorations
  • Rejuvenation by means of skin remodeling


  • A series of: 6 procedures every 10-14 days, twice a year
  • After the series is completed, one procedure a month is recommended for skins prone to inflammatory lesions
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