Psoriasis may affect everyone. This chronic disease may involve hairless or hairy skin, nails, and joints. Numerous factors are responsible for the development of the disease, albeit not all of them have been fully studied. Most frequently, genetic causes are mentioned; however, the development of psoriasis may also be impacted by bacterial, viral, and fungal infections. Interestingly, the disease may also be caused e.g. by untreated dental disorders. Dietary habits, processed foods, high quantities of animal fats and stimulants are also of importance due to their detrimental impact on our health. Additional factors include mechanical injuries, chronic stress, and hormonal factors.

Psoriasis under the magnifying glass

Psoriasis is a disorder which is evident from the first glance. It is characterized by the inflammatory lesions being reddened and standing out of the surrounding healthy skin. The lesions may appear at any location; usually, they occur in several locations simultaneously. A typical symptom of psoriasis is the Köbner phenomenon consisting in psoriatic lesions appearing at sites where mild epidermal injuries, e.g. abrasions, had occurred previously. One should keep in mind that psoriasis is a chronic disease and symptoms may recur after the treatment is completed.

Treatment of psoriasis

Luckily, treatments are available allowing to minimize or completely eliminate symptoms in patients. The treatment is personalized to the particular patient so that best possible results may be achieved. The treatment is divided into stages so that the lesions may be firstly reduced e.g. by strong anti-inflammatory agents. Initially, psoriasis is treated externally by means of ointments and irradiation; should these fail, oral pharmacotherapy is also included. Laser and light therapy are becoming increasingly popular. Prevention, including appropriate skin hydration, is also important.

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