PDO Threads

First Lift / Princess Lift Threads 

Lift threads are a revolution in aesthetic medicine. Five years ago, when the presence of PDO threads combined with acupuncture was found to strengthen the muscles and tendons in a South Korean study, nobody expected that this discovery would become a real breakthrough in the aesthetic medicine. And yet, PDO threads were found to provide an excellent alternative for individuals who prefer non-invasive methods offering visible skin rejuvenation effects rather than surgical tissue lifts.


  • improvement in skin firmness and tone
  • long-term effects
  • high safety level; low invasiveness


  •  loss of body and face skin firmness
  • wrinkles
  • evident signs of ageing


The threads stimulate the formation of connective tissue for a firmer and tighter skin. The first effects can be observed immediately while the full result takes 3-4 weeks to develop. The procedure combines cellular-level revitalization with elimination of wrinkles and a mild lifting effect. Princess Lift threads are absolutely safe.

Active substances

Princess Lift resorbable polydioxanone threads. Threads undergo biodegradation after 4 to 8 months since implantation. During this time, they stimulate the production of new collagen fibers within the subcutaneous tissue.

Procedure details

 The procedure site is initially desensitized and an resorbable thread is introduced into the tissue. The type and number of threads to be used are discussed with the patient during the consultation. As a result of this minimally invasive procedure, new connective tissue is formed around the thread resulting in firmer and tighter skin. Depending on the type of the thread, facial skin may be also lifted to its original position. This novel, gentle method leaves no wounds or scars. The threads are fully resorbable, and the effects are long-lasting.


Transient swelling and bruising may be observed after the procedure. The recovery downtime ranges from 0 to 3 days, depending on the type of procedure.

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