Non-surgical procedures – mesotherapy

Needle mesotherapy

Scalp mesotherapy consists in medicinal, nutritive, or regenerating agents directly into the hair follicle region. In needle mesotherapy, injection of medicinal and regenerating agents into the treated region has a dual effect:
– topical administration of agents maximizes their efficacy while reducing burden to kidneys and liver which would be significant upon oral administration of drugs;
– microinjuries caused by injections stimulate skin regeneration and production of necessary substances.
The injected products may be ready-made mesotherapy preparations aimed at elimination of specific problems, or cocktails of therapeutic, regenerating, and nutritive agents individually selected by the physician.

Target group:
• women and men coping with hair loss problems
• individuals exposed to chronic stress which may lead to hair loss
• women and men with hormonal disorders leading to hair loss
• maintenance treatment until equilibration of hormone levels
• postpartum period; hair loss may be intensified by pregnancy
• perimenopausal women
• men preparing for hair transplant procedures; regeneration of even some of the remaining hair may contribute to the reduced extent of the hair transplant procedure
• women and man desiring to strengthen their hair, particularly during seasonal changes when hair may be lost at higher than average rates.

Mesotherapies offered at Medicus Self:

• single-agent mesotherapy
• combination mesotherapy
• DR. CYJ mesotherapy
• stem cell mesotherapy – Regenera activa

Stem cell mesotherapy
Regenera Activa is a specially designed system of autologous cell transplants for a variety of applications in regenerative medicine. During a single session involving the patient as both the donor and the recipient of the transplant, we are able of stimulating the site being operated on using progenitor cells and growth factors obtained from the transplant collection site. The technique is based on clinical trials which showed high concentrations of stem cells in collected tissues. Thanks to a calibrated mechanical separation and filtration we are able to obtain high concentrations of progenitor cells and other precursor elements, including stem cells. The Regenera Activa system was developed to obtain cellular suspensions with tissue regeneration properties.

What does the procedure look like?

The procedure lasts about 20 minutes. At the first stage, the physician collects a small skin segment (one to three biopsies with the diameter of 2.5 mm) from the back hairline. This area is least susceptible to androgenic hair loss. Since the skin specimen is very small, the collection site may heal spontaneously. Biopsy collection is completely painless since local anesthesia is delivered by the physician beforehand. At the next stage, the physician uses a special tool to isolate progenitor cells, stem cells, and growth factors from the collected tissue. The obtained suspension is then delivered by mesotherapy into the scalp follicles to initiate repair processes.

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