Meso Cogs lifting threads

Safe all-body skin lifting

Meso Cogs is the new type of resorbable threads for use in the entire bod. Thread application is quick and painless and the effect can be observed immediately. Meso Cogs threads provide a solution to the most persistent problems associated with ageing skin. They can be used to improve the facial oval, correct the double chin, lift the eyebrows, shape the breast, upper shoulders, buttocks, abdomen, and inner thighs, as well as to tighten the skin following liposuction or diet. Thanks to the novel Fill Hydration technology which stimulates production of collagen fibers by fibroblasts, Meso Cogs threads have an excellent effect on improved hydration and elasticity of skin. As a consequence, face becomes more radiant and invigorated while mimic lines and deeper furrows are smoothed out.


  • Shaping of the facial oval, breasts, upper shoulders, buttocks, inner thighs, atonic skin following liposuction or diet
  • Wrinkles of face, neck, hands, mimic lines, deep buccal wrinkles, horizontal forehead wrinkles, skin brightening.
  • Firming: double chin, jawline, shoulders, abdomen, eyebrows


Meso Cogs threads are longer than the rest of surgical threads available on the market. They are 50 cm long and 4/0 USP in diameter; they also feature a patented system of hooks aligned in one direction. The threads are made of fully resorbable polycaprolactone and complete with a needle for subcutaneous implantation. The threads may be cut to fit the demands of the procedure, area, or procedural technique. They are ideal for the improvement of larger body areas.

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