I-Onzyme combines low frequency sonophoresis (22 kHz) and intense pulsatile ionophoresis for increased penetration of vitamins and growth factors contained in cosmetic products and medications.

As a result, evident improvement in the appearance of facial and body skin and the reduction of wrinkles, scars, stretch marks, discolorations and flabbiness may be observed.

For best effects,  series of 10-20 procedures administered once a week are recommended.

I-Onzyme device programs:

– Constant current ionophoresis (continuous or pulsed).

– Sonophoresis (low frequency ultrasounds).

– Ionophoresis for large skin areas and sonophoresis for small skin areas.

– Combined single-electrode ionophores and sonophoresis.

An additional advantage of the device consists in the reduced risk of burns while delivering jonophoresis to eyelids. Single-use hygroscopic gauze is used on the entire surface of skin face and eyelids to act as a galvanic mask. Four alligator clips connected at equal distances along the forehead and the sides of the face comprise the active electrode and evenly distribute galvanic current over the entire gauze-covered area; this may consist in selected fragments of skin, e.g. eyelids or neck, as well as larger areas of e.g. face, neck, and décolleté;.

Patients experience no burning discomfort, only some mild eyelid flutter. The galvanic mask facilitates supervision of skin during the procedure and prevents the risk of burns observed for conventional, non-transparent galvanic masks. Another benefit consists in the use of Japanese gauze characterized by high elasticity and hygroscopicity for better coverage of facial areas as well as by improved visibility of skin surfaces.


 dilated blood vessels

– rosacea

– acne vulgaris

– flabby skin

– flabby muscles

– scars


– pregnancy, breastfeeding

– systemic inflammation (pyrexia)

– metal objects within the body and on the body (jewelry)

– hypersensitivity to galvanic currents

– acute acne with purulent lesions

– cancers and history of cancer resection

– bacterial, viral, and fungal diseases of skin

– eczemas and damaged skin continuity

– purulent periodontitis

– purulent tonsillitis

– possible hypersensitivity to drugs administered after the procedure

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