Perspiration is a physiological process which cannot be controlled by one’s will. The beneficial effect of perspiration consists in the body being prevented from overheating. Most extensive perspiration is observed at high temperatures, upon physical effort, increased emotional stimulation, and following consumption of hot and spicy meals. Our temperature is regulated by sweat glands distributed all over our bodies. They are responsible for thermoregulation as well as for the elimination of toxins.

However, excessive perspiration is considered to be a problem and is referred to as hyperhidrosis.

Hyperhidrosis may cause significant problems in everyday functioning. It is troublesome mainly for aesthetic reasons associated with the odor and quantity of sweat. Hyperhidrosis may occur on hands, feet, face, or in the armpits, albeit very rarely in all these locations at once.  At Medicus Self, we are well aware how to effectively manage the problem of hyperhidrosis.

In case of patients presenting with hyperhidrosis, physicians at Medicus Self develop a treatment plan aimed at reducing the intensity of perspiration. The basis for implementation of this treatment plan consists in the evaluation of the scale of the problem performed during the medical consultation.

The most common solution for the problem of excessive sweating is the use of antiperspirants and sweat gland blockers. However, this is effective only at certain intensities of the phenomenon. Another solution consists in administration of oral medications which inhibit the secretion of sweat systemically. However, these are not long-term solutions since the problems recur after the blocker/antiperspirant or medications are discontinued.

At Medicus Self, [patients are offered an effective method for the treatment of hyperhidrosis consisting in the use of CO2 fractional laser for ablation of axillary sweat glands.

Another effective treatment offered at Medicus Self consists in the delivery of botulinum toxin to paralyze the sweat glands. The procedure consists in injecting botulinum toxin into target areas, including armpits, feet, and hands.

Another effective treatment offered at Medicus Self to patients with hyperhydrosis is RF microneedling. In the procedure, skin is punctured using a special probe featuring a number of thin needles. The electric current which flows through the needles heats and destroys the sweat glands.

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