Hibiscus Flower Mandelic Peel


  • Sensitive, couperose skin, rosacea
  • Wrinkles and skin photoageing
  • Skin with uneven coloration, prone to discolorations, imperfections and inflammation
  • Post-inflammatory and epidermal discolorations
  • Dilated pores


Hibiscus Flower Mandelic Peel is a specialist treatment based on delicately exfoliating acids combined with hibiscus flower extract. Mandelic acid [10%] is one of the milder alpha-hydroxyacids and is recommended for very sensitive skin as it exfoliates epidermis while not irritating the skin. It is also antibacterial, thus eliminating numerous skin imperfections. The procedure also involves the use of azelaic acid [2%] which regulates pigmentation, relieves erythema and provides necessary care for problem-prone couperose skin. An innovation of the treatment consists in the use of hibiscus flower extract [5%], rich in citric, malic, and hibiscus acids. The extract also contains vitamin C and amino acids required for proper skin regeneration. It also increases skin firmness due to its estrogenic effect. The procedure is dedicated for sensitive, vascular skin with visible signs of ageing, epidermal discoloration, enlarged pores and numerous imperfections. The anti-ageing effect is achieved due to the presence of an innovative peptide referred to as non-injectable wrinkle filler. Neodermyl® [1%] significantly impacts the synthesis of type III collagen which tends to disappear with age. The efficacy of the procedure consists in exfoliation being combined with anti-inflammatory and firming effects. As a result of the procedure, the skin becomes much brighter and small wrinkles become flattened.


  • Fresh and radiant look.
  • Marked brightening of skin, regeneration and improvement of epidermal texture
  • Improvement of skin color and congestion of enlarged pores
  • Reduction in wrinkle depth
  • strongly hydrated, smooth skin
  • Skin exfoliation may start on the second day after the procedure; moderate exfoliation lasts for a maximum of 6 days


  • A series of: 6 procedures every 10-14 days, twice a year
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