Hair Loss

Hair loss is a very common problem. It affects both women and men, leading to baldness in the latter group. In women, hair loss is caused mainly by inappropriate care. Strong, frequent hair coloration (mainly brightening) as well as inappropriate hair hygiene combined with frequent use of curlers, straighteners, and dryers may weaken the hair structure. However, the above factors may only weaken the external part of hair and therefore a change in habits combined with additional strengthening (such as oiling) may lead to excellent effects.

However, when hair follicles become damaged, the case is more serious since the damaged hair would not regrow. Androgenic (male-type) alopecia provides a major example. Despite its name, androgenic alopecia may also occur in women whose bodies release relatively significant amounts of testosterones; this is manifested by very dark hair color combined with extensive growth of hair over the entire body surface. However, excessive hair loss in women may also be a sign of serious hormonal disorders, such as problems with ovaries or adrenal glands. Hair follicles may also be weakened by some types of medications, including chemotherapy as well as hormonal agents, anticoagulants, antithyroids, and antibiotics.

Both types of hair loss may be effectively treated. In many cases, the treatment may be non-invasive and include various medications and products (available without prescription or with prescription, in the case of stronger agents) Laser therapy is also used to prevent hair loss. Surgical methods involving hair transplants are very effective. As in the case of other skin disorders, the efficacy of the treatment depends on the moment when the treatment is initiated. The sooner, the better as the ability to grown new hair may be reduced with age.

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