Ear correction


Protruding, asymmetric, too big or too small ears.

Target group

The problem affects not only adults, but also children who may have to cope with teasing or bullying by their peers. Earlobes reach their final shape at the age of 7-8 years, and the corrective procedure may be performed at this age. The effect is permanent and no repeated procedures are required.


Auricular correction is a procedure facilitating the improvement of the position auricles relative to the head. The correction may involve the protrusion angle as well as the shape of the auricles.

Anesthesia and the course of the surgery

The procedure lasts about 90 minutes and is usually performed under local anesthesia (adolescents and adults). General anesthesia may be used in younger patients. In both cases, the procedure is a one-day surgery meaning that patient is discharged several hours after the procedure. Different techniques are used depending on the type of correction being performed. Both procedures involve a small incision being made on the posterior ear surface to expose the cartilage. Depending on the desired effect, excess skin is removed either alone or along with a cartilage fragment. Next, the auricle is stabilized in its new position by means of non-resorbable internal sutures. Finally, dressing and elastic bandage is placed around the ear. It is recommended that the bandage is worn until the sutures are removed (or until the dressing is being changed).


Immediately after the procedure, the auricles may be tender, swollen, or bruised; the symptoms resolve within 5-10 days. Sutures and dressings are removed between day 3 and day 9 after the procedure. However, patients have to wear a special headband overnight for the following 3 weeks to protect ears from being bent accidentally. Full recovery lasts about 3 weeks.

Examinations required

  • bleeding time and coagulation profile
  • hematology, ESR and blood type, creatinine
  • urinalysis


uncontrolled hypertension, coagulation disorders, diathesis, uncontrolled diabetes, pregnancy, purulent skin infections

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