Chemical peels

Chemical peels are also referred to as chemoexfoliation, chemosurgery, and dermo-peeling.

It is a medical procedure in which appropriately selected chemical substances are used for controlled exfoliation of parts of the epidermis, entire epidermis, or deeper skin layers so as to eliminate certain skin lesions in skin regeneration processes.

Types of peels:

– superficial peel –  the exfoliative agent penetrates the entire epidermis. It is sometimes referred to as “refresher peel”

– medium-deep peel encompassing the entire epidermis and upper layers of dermis

– deep peel penetrating the skin down to the reticular dermis, facilitating removal of even the deepest sun damage lesions.


– seborrheic skin

– enlarged skin pores

– comedonal/papular acne

– acne scars and discolorations

– discolorations caused by sun exposure, hormonal discolorations, other

– dry, flabby, wrinkled skin

– skin damaged by exposure to sun or UV radiation

– liver spots on hands

– abnormal keratinization

– chemical peels should not be used on open wound, irritations, allergic lesions and tanned (sun, tanning beds) skin.

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