Ageing skin, cellulite, stretch marks, scars,
local excess fat, flabby skin, hair loss.

Target group

Carboxytherapy is an FDA-approved, carbon
dioxide-based modality which constitutes a breakthrough in aesthetic medicine
due to its wide range of applications and high efficacy. It is also safe,
minimally invasive, and clinically confirmed. Carboxytherapy may be combined
with mesotherapy, PRP, or peptide therapy.


Carboxytherapy consists in the delivery of
medical grade carbon dioxide using a thin subcutaneous or intradermal
needle.  Carbon dioxide is capable of dilating blood vessels, thus
increasing the flow of oxygen-rich blood. Inflammation is triggered in response
to the injection, leading to activation of repair processes (collagen and
elastin production). Best effects are obtained for series of 8-10 procedures
performed every ca. 7 days.


  • Scars, stretch marks – angiogenesis (formation of new
    blood vessels) triggered by the administration of CO2 evens out the
    color or stretch mark and scars. Collagen synthesis improves and smoothes out
    the skin texture. Stretch marks merge with the surrounding skin.
  • Cellulite, local fat deposits –
     subcutaneous injection of CO2 mechanically damages adipocytes
    (fat cells), resulting in natural lipolysis, or the removal of fat from
    hypertrophic and filled adipocytes. Cellular membranes break and the liquid
    content of adipocytes is metabolized. The process is accelerated by better blood
    and oxygen supply.
  • flabby skin and improvement in skin color–  the objective of the procedure is to increase skin
    density and thickness by accelerating the repair processes so that the skin may
    maintain its firmness and elasticity. The expansion of the capillary network
    resulting in better blood and oxygen supply improves the skin color.
  • Hair loss – carbon dioxide enhances skin
    microcirculation by enlarging and strengthening capillaries as well as
    increasing the supply of oxygen and nutrients to hair bulbs (papilla and matrix)
    to produce new hair.
  • Shadows under eyes – CO2 stimulates
    collagen production which thickens the skin and restores its firmness.


Acute heart failure, blood pressure disorders,
viral or bacterial skin infections, cancer, hemophilia, pregnancy and

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