Broken vessels

Broken vessels – how to eliminate them

Broken vessels on the face or legs are not only a cosmetic problem. Masking them with makeup or clothes is not a solution. Facial spider veins may be due to allergies or rosacea while lesions on legs may be indicative of venous insufficiency.

What does the problem involve

Most frequently, spider veins develop during cold winters or in the summer. As a result of extreme temperatures, the capillaries become dilated and more permeable, and their walls become more fragile. Over time, changes within the capillaries progress and may become irreversible.

Broken vessel – treatment

Large lesions which cannot be treated with cosmetic products require medical consultation. The procedures will be most effective when performed in the fall or a warmer winter season, as moderate temperatures are beneficial for the treatment. During the procedures, sports, hot baths, and massages should be avoided.

Spider vein treatments

Pulsed dye laser

Pulsed dye laser is the newest generation of lasers facilitating quick and painless obliteration of capillaries. During the procedure, the vessels are destroyed and then absorbed by the system. The procedure leaves no scars or other permanent remains.


The method consists in vessels being obliterated with a current safe for human skin. It is less effective than laser treatment.

Intense light beam

Intense light beam is dedicated to patients with very pale complexion. This is due to the fact that melanin, present at higher quantities in subjects with darker skin, may lead to discolorations when reacted with light.

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Depilacja laserowa twarzy

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