BetaP3 TRI COMPLEX™ intense rejuvenation


  • dry, dehydrated skin
  • No hydration
  • baggy skin
  • first wrinkles

Target group

The procedure is dedicated for different skin types and ages, for women and men alike.


The procedure is aimed at fighting the signs of ageing by means of reducing and preventing wrinkles and counteracting loss of skin firmness. BetaP3 TRI COMPLEX™ is an ultra-refined procedure making use of personalized products and expert application methods. The five stages and the eight specific formulas used in the procedure ensure unmatched efficacy and unforgettable relaxation for a visibly more youthful skin.  In the process of advanced research, Sothys have developed the Tri Complex™ which combines two active substances of plant origin with a new generation of peptides to fight the signs of oxidative stress. Thanks to the appropriately selected active ingredients, such as crocus and necklacepod, the procedure is 100% targeted at the skin ageing signs

The procedure may be performed in pregnancy or during breastfeeding following medical consultation.


  • improved firmness
  • wrinkle reduction
  • better skin hydration
  • smoother, brighter texture


  • Damaged skin continuity
  • Bacterial, fungal, and viral diseases
  • Active atopic dermatitis
  • Active psoriasis


A series of min. 4 procedures at 1-week intervals The length of the series is determined individually according to skin condition.

Procedure duration

60-75 minutes

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