Skin aging


Skin aging is a natural process caused by worsening ability of the outer layer of tissue to regenerate in response to microinjury. Factors that accelerate these processes include genetic predisposition as well as external conditions unique to each individual.

Accelerating factors include, above all, fast-paced lifestyle in combination with insufficient amount of sleep and improper diet. Additionally, there is lack of physical activity and influence of air pollution in urban areas.

Another factor greatly influencing poor condition of skin tissue is prolonged tobacco smoking. It causes dehydration and negatively impacts body metabolism – lesser amounts of nutrients, vitamins and minerals reach the skin.


Skin aging presents as loss of previous elasticity and firmness. Epidermis becomes thinner and coarser, is covered with minute ridges that resemble lumps on palpation. Moreover, wrinkles begin to appear, especially around the edges of the mouth and eye contours (“crows’ feet” and other expression lines).

Skin pigmentation is disrupted and, as a result, symptoms of skin aging may also present as discolorations, such as melasmas or other lesions associated with shrinking of melanocytes. Therefore, aging skin is significantly more vulnerable to UV light and sunbathing should be limited. Skin aging is also greatly affected by hormones, which is the reason why the process becomes accelerated in women of menopausal age.


Skin aging cannot be stopped, but may be delayed. Above all, we should take particular care of proper diet and physical activity: we should focus on beneficial effects of vitamin A and retinol, which play the greatest role in the processes of cellular regeneration.

However, if we count on quick and lasting results, we should turn to specialists for help. A cosmetologist may advise on suitable skincare methods for prevention of skin aging and suggest the best products for our skin. Another possibility involves the newest achievements of modern esthetic medicine that include laser therapy.

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