Acne scars

Acne scars are the aftermath of persistent acne experienced by many individuals. They are a natural consequence of skin healing processes taking an improper course, usually due to inflammation. How to get rid of unsightly acne scars? A visit in an aesthetic medicine clinic is required so that optimum therapy may be ordained to minimize the scale of the problem.

The scale of the problem

Atrophic scars are small, round-shaped and characteristically concave lesions. Their depth is largely dependent on the intensity of previous inflammation. Formation of scars is often a consequence of improper behavioral habits such as puncturing or squeezing inflamed spots. Another form of acne scars are keloids presenting as protruding nodules, sometimes of a considerable size. These usually appear on the shoulders, back, and décolleté;.

Treatment of acne scars

Most importantly, a physician should be consulted immediately after the problem occurs. The longer the delay, the more different the process of scar elimination. Interestingly, acne scars may occur in individuals who had undergone dermatological treatment as well as individuals who had ignored the problem. The scale of the problem is significant enough for the experts to continue research of ever-newer solutions for fighting the problem of scars. Today, best outcomes are reported for the use of mesotherapy or fractional laser. The laser treatment allows for the desired outcomes to be obtained after a series of 3-5 procedures. The procedures are performed at intervals of several weeks depending on the type of the patient’s skin. Needle mesotherapy consists in a special medicinal agent being injected directly into the skin for a smoothing effect. Usually, the combination agent contains hyaluronic acid, peptides, amino acids, and plant extracts. The so-called vampire lift, consisting in platelet-rich plasma obtained from patient’s blood being injected into the skin, is becoming increasingly popular. Much interest is also put into carboxytherapy which makes use of the therapeutic properties of carbon dioxide. Injection of CO2 activates the healing processes within the tissue. Gradually, the desired outcome may be achieved.

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