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Correct hydration of the skin

Properly moisturized face and body skin looks radiant and fresh. This has a huge impact on mood and self-confidence. However, it should be remembered that every day our skin is exposed to harmful external factors, such as low temperatures, smog or UV radiation. That is why daily care is so important. If creams and balms are not enough for you, we invite you to the Medicus Self clinic to take advantage of professional skin moisturizing treatments.

Intensive moisturizing treatment
At Medicus Self, we offer two types of moisturizing treatments that affect skin rejuvenation, deeply regenerate the epidermis and make the face skin soft, delicate and luminous. These treatments are intended for both women and men. They perfectly nourish and hydrate the skin. They are recommended in the autumn and winter, and also in the summer when the face and body are much more often exposed to strong solar radiation.

Pear-Almond moisturizing treatment in Medicus Self

It is a universal treatment that is perfect for both dry, combination and oily skin. Pear-Almond is a combination of intensely moisturizing, beautifully fragrant and, above all, effective cosmetic preparations with the unique Sothys Digi-Esthétique massage method, thanks to which the active ingredients can penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin. After the treatment, the complexion looks refreshed, perfectly nourished and radiant. Sothys cosmetics not only moisturize but also rejuvenate facial skin. The treatment lasts 60 to 80 minutes, it is very relaxing and its effects appear almost immediately.

Hydra 3 Ha moisturizing treatment
Hydra 3 Ha ensures proper hydration of the skin regardless of its type. It is also great for atopic skin care with problems. By restoring optimal skin hydration, the face looks healthier and younger, and the skin is firm and supple. The active ingredients contained in preparations used for Hydra 3 Ha provide intensive nutrition, restore water balance in the body, and also support epidermal regeneration processes.

Take care of proper skin hydration with Medicus Self
The Wroclaw Clinic of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine Medicus Self is a modern and fully adapted to the patient’s needs place where the performed procedures are extremely safe and comfortable. The latest generation of medical equipment, well-equipped rooms and experienced staff guarantee satisfaction.