Grand opening

We are happy to announce that the Medicus Self Clinic was opened on 26 October. We stand out for our  holistic approach to the customers’ needs and comprehensive care provided in the areas of plastic surgery, aesthetic gynecology, dermatology, aesthetic medicine, phlebology, and cosmetology. Our Clinic features a team of experienced specialists focused on patients’ safety.

“Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine vs. the safety, needs, and expectations of women”

was the title of a discussion panel held during our opening event. The panel, moderated by a TV anchor, included  Maria Rotkiel – psychologist, cognitive/behavioral specialist, and the Medicus Self team consisting of Aleksandra Łuniewska MD – a specialist in plastic surgery, Edyta Lelonek MD, – dermatologist and aesthetic medicine specialist, and Joanna Stoch Stój MD – aesthetic medicine specialist. As pointed out by Ms. Tadla, the statistical data from the plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine market suggest that the interest in this sector is large and growing each year.

“Discovering oneself anew” is the keystone of Medicus Self philosophy.

“Discovering yourself does not exclude taking care of yourself” – says psychologist Maria Rotkiel. “Discovering yourself IS the ability to take care of yourself, the ability to reduce our shortcomings, to work on our complexes. This is associated with a certain philosophy I am helping customers to adopt, and with appropriate education in the spirit of this philosophy. Education that is provided at this venue. We advise our customers to love themselves, understand themselves, and take care after themselves while remembering their uniqueness”.

Technology combined with knowledge and experience

Medicus Self combines innovative medical technologies with the knowledge and expertise of specialists in numerous areas of medicine. The Clinic is fitted with two state-of-the-art, fully equipped operating rooms, a recovery room, 12 comfortable patient rooms (each room features a bathroom, a TV, monitoring and call system) and 9 consultation and procedure rooms equipped with the highest-class medical instrumentation.

“At Medicus Self, our aesthetic medicine offer is really broad. We offer a wide range of procedures for the improvement of carious facial as well as body skin aspects. In case of less invasive procedures, our offer includes both corrective and prophylactic anti-ageing procedures. Our broad offer of invasive procedures includes numerous fillers such as calcium hydroxyapatite or polylactate, PDO threads, as well as a wide range of needle mesotherapies for regeneration and revitalization of skin” – says Joanna Stoch-Stój MD, aesthetic medicine specialist at Medicus Self.

One of the highlights of the Medicus Self offer is HIFU SonoQueen rejuvenation technology. “It is an alternative for individuals who are afraid of surgical interventions”, says dr. Stoch-Stój. As far as plastic surgery itself is concerned, Medicus Self offers facial surgery, breast surgery, and body contouring procedures.

Plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology procedures are becoming increasingly popular among male population. Accordingly, Medicus Self has a special offer for all gentlemen who want to keep their facial and body skin healthy and good-looking.

Patient safety is our priority

“In plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine, empathy towards patients and individualized approach to their expectations and needs balanced with their safety and overall health” says dr. Aleksandra Łuniewska MD – a specialist in plastic surgery at Medicus Self.

“It is very important to highlight the natural beauty of the customer instead of radically changing the facial or body contours so that they resemble any of the celebrities. Sometimes, our customers present with photographs, saying they want they nose to look in a particular way, out of any proportion with regard to the rest of their face. In such cases, it is very important to talk with the patient, to turn their attention to certain aspects of their look so as to finally come to a conclusion that this particular solution might not be the best for this particular person”, dr. Łuniewska adds.

“At Medicus Self, we work in a team of experienced specialists. Our expertise in medicine is the warrant of efficient and safe treatment”, says dr. Edyta Lelonek MD, dermatologist and aesthetic medicine specialist at Medicus Self. “This is of particular importance these days, as the availability of these procedures is very wide and patients should have the opportunity to consider various factors such as the specialists’ experience, equipment available at the clinic, or the standards of treatment.

The facility

The Medicus Self building is an intelligent facility designed with state-of-the-art infrastructural technologies. A state-of-the-art ventilation system ensures high air quality, particularly within the operating rooms where the entire air volume is exchanged 20 times per day. Water supplied to the building is irradiated with UV radiation to neutralize bacteria. The entire facility is adapted to the needs of the disabled and meets all the requirements of a modern hospital facility.

Medicus Self

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