Gentle YagPro laser facial skin firming –50%

If you’re getting ready for your “grand night out”, but are not satisfied with the condition of your skin, take advantage of our neodymium YAG GentleYagPro laser treatment, for an outstanding effect in just 30 minutes!

Special offer – 50% discount for a Gentle YagPro* firming procedure

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How does the skin become more firm? Laser light selectively heats tissues leading to contraction of collagen and elastin fibers.  The surrounding tissue remains intact and thus an immediate effect is obtained consisting in increased density and firmness of the skin, combined with greater brightness and radiance. The oval of the face is also improves, and the skin becomes smoother and firmer. The procedure is certified and safe. It causes no irritations, and therefore you may just add make-up and go out! The effect lasts for up to 5 days; a series of 4-5 procedures once every month is recommended for it to be maintained.

Promotion terms – a 50% discount for a single Gentle Yag Pro facial skin firming procedure:

  1. The promotion involves a 50% discount for a noninvasive facial skin firming procedure using the Gentle Yag Pro laser as available through the website.
  2. Promotion is offered by Medicus Sp. z. o. o. – the owner of the Medicus Self – Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery Clinic in Wrocław
  3. Promotion is offered at the Medicus Self Clinic in Wrocław at Plac Strzelecki 24.
  4. Promotion lasts from 11.12.2017 through 31.01.2018, with 31.01.2018 being the last day of the 50% discount.
  5. Two procedures may be purchased by one person as part of the promotion.
  6. In order to receive the 50% discount for a single Gentle Yag Pro laser facial skin firming procedure, candidates should register at Medicus Self in person or by phoning 71 757 22 40 between 11.12.2017 and 31.01.2018.


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