Sabina Piwko

Sabina Piwko

A graduate of the University of Physical Education and the Academy of Physiotherapy in Wrocław.

Delivers comprehensive treatments in various areas of cosmetology. Carries out various skin care procedures, including chemical peels or microneedle mesotherapy. She continues to expand her knowledge and skills as evidenced by numerous training certificates. In addition, Ms. Piwko passes on her knowledge and expertise during practical cosmetology classes with postsecondary school students.

She manages to effectively combine her passion with her profession. She is a communicative person open to novel methods and techniques of providing care, particularly in relation to cosmetology as well as aesthetic medicine. In private, she is a lover of books (with crime stories being her favorite) and healthy home-cooked cuisine; she has high regard for positive energy, satisfaction, and smile – particularly that of her patients.

Specjalizacje: Cosmetology

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