Sabina Gejdel-Kołtuniewicz

lek. med. Sabina Gejdel-Kołtuniewicz

A graduate of the Faculty of Medicine of the Wrocław Medical University (2003). During her studies, she participated in practice internships at international hospitals, e.g. in Switzerland, Israel, Iceland, and Mexico. In years 2005-2008, she worked at gynecological and obstetrical clinics in Ireland and became the Member of Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (MRCOG). In 2015, she was awarded the title of specialist in gynecology and obstetrics.

She is involved in prevention and ultrasound diagnostics of the genital organ and mammary gland disorders, contraception counseling, and pregnancy management. For several years, dr. Gejdel-Kołtuniewicz has been particularly interested in aesthetic gynecology.

She participates in numerous specialist trainings as well as scientific congresses and conferences in Poland as well as abroad.

Specjalizacje: Gynecology

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