Norbert Zapotoczny

dr Norbert Zapotoczny

A graduate of the Wrocław Medical University. A holder of a doctoral degree in medicine, dr. Zapotoczny is a specialist in general and vascular surgery. Currently, he is simultaneously employed at the Department of General and Vascular Surgery of the Voivodeship Specialist Hospital in Wrocław.

In his everyday clinical practice, dr. Zapotoczny is involved in a wide range of general and vascular surgery procedures, particularly in ultrasound diagnostics and minimally invasive treatment of varicose veins (laser procedures, sclerotherapy, miniphlebectomy), hernia repairs, surgical treatment of gallstones and peripheral and carotid artery disease, aneurysmal repairs and reconstruction of dialysis shunts.
He has participated in international internships and trainings, including surgical trainings at Duke University (Durham NC, USA), Taipei Medical University (Taiwan), and Patras University (Greece), trainings in laparoscopic techniques in gastroenterological surgery (AGC Course, Davos,Switzerland), and trainings in endovenous laser treatment (EVLT) of the varicose veins of lower limbs (Jena, Germany).
He authored numerous scientific reports and articles, including those published in the prestigious Lancet journal (…0-6736(16)00557-2/fulltext).
He offers medical consultations in Polish and English.

Specjalizacje: Vascular surgery

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