Stanisław Ferenc

A graduate of Wroclaw Medical University, Faculty of Medicine. He gained clinical experience working in the General and Vascular Surgery Ward of the Provincial Specialised Hospital in Wrocław, where he was awarded the title of a general surgery specialist. In 2014, he defended his doctoral thesis, receiving a Medical Doctor degree in general surgery, gastroenterology and endoscopy. He has undertaken specialisation in vascular surgery. The doctor’s professional interests are concentrated around minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery, vascular and endovascular surgery, including lower-limb vein surgery. On a daily basis, he also deals with endoscopic diagnostics and treats digestive tract diseases. He constantly expands his knowledge by attending conventions, and specialist courses and trainings, applying the latest standards in diagnostics and treatment. He is author and co-author of several dozen scientific works.

Range of services:

  • EVLT, classic and CHIVA lower-limb varicose vein surgeries
  • duplex color Doppler ultrasound of cephalic and lower-limb veins
  • diagnostics and treatment of arteriosclerosis of lower-limb arteries
  • sclerotherapy of lower-limb varicose veins
  • laser removal of telangiectasia/spider veins
  • diagnostics and treatment of abdominal hernia
  • diagnostics and treatment of cholecystolithiasis
  • diagnostics and treatment of chronic gastric and duodenal ulcer disease
  • diagnostics and treatment of haemorrhoid disease
  • removal of nodules, marks and subcutaneous tissue
  • treatment of chronic wounds and ulceration

Specialisations: Vascular surgery

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