Privacy policy

  1. Personal data processed within the range and for the purposes explicitly identified by the Controller are controlled by MEDICUS Sp. z o. o., at Plac Strzelecki 24, 50-224 Wrocław, Tax Identification No. 896-10-17-023, REGON: 930957989, National Court Register 0000685093 (further referred to as “Controller”).
  2. Data are processed for the purpose of provision of services, including medical services, as well as when required by the Controlled for other legally justified purposes such as direct marketing of the Controller’s own products or services or other purposes as specified in the User’s consent (if legally required). In particular, this may include the consent for receiving marketing e-mails and phone calls with information on the products and services offered by the Controller and its partners. The person identified by the data has the right to withdraw their consent at any moment.
  3. The Controller processes the personal data in line with legal requirements, collecting them for specified, legal purposes and not submitting them for further processing incompliant with these purposes. The data will be collected only within the scope which is adequate, required, and necessary for the purposes of processing. As part of their healthcare provision activities, the Controller processes health-related personal data for the purposes and within the scope provided for by regulations in force, particularly the Act on the Patients’ Rights and the Commissioner for Patients’ Rights .
  4. The Controller uses their best efforts to protect the processed personal data from unauthorized third party access, employing high-end organizational and technical safety measures to ensure such protection. The Controller protects the personal data from being made available to any unauthorized recipients as required by mandatory regulations. The Controller may consign the processing of personal data to another party by means of a written contract. The data may be made available only to parties authorized to access such data by means of mandatory regulations.
  5. The Controller shall retain the data for a period required for the fulfillment of contracts and as specified in relevant regulations, not longer than required for the purposes stemming from legitimate interests of the Controller or a third party, e.g. for the settlement of any business claims. With regard to the purposes indicated in the owner’s consent, data shall be stored until the consent is withdrawn.
  6. The owner of the data may request that the Controller provides them with access to the contents of their personal data as well as the right to correct, delete, or limit the processing of such data; the owner also has the right to object against data processing in situations defined by the law and to transfer their own data.
  7. If the owner of data provides consent for the processing of their personal data for one or more purposes, they have the right to withdraw their consent at any moment with no consequences to the legality of data processing performed pursuant to this consent before it was withdrawn.
  8. Submission of data for purposes related to the fulfillment of legal requirements is mandatory. With regard to other purposes, submission of personal data is voluntary; however, failure to submit all data designated as required renders the Controller unable to deliver their services. If the processing of data is required for the performance of the contract involving the owner of the data as one of the contract parties of for any measures being taken on behalf of the data owner, the data should be provided within the specified and required scope before the signing of such contract.
  9. In order to ensure best value, matching, and customization of the Controller’s offer to their Clients, Users, or Contestants (excluding Patients), as well as in cases when explicit consent of the data owner has been obtained, the Controller may resort to data profiling i.e. automated processing of personal data consisting in the data being used for identification of certain personal characteristics of an individual, in particular for the analysis or prognosis of personal preferences and areas of interest. The owner of the data as the right to file an objection against the profile-based processing of their personal data due to reasons related to a particular situation of that person. At any moment, the owner of the data has the right to object against processing their personal data for direct marketing purposes, including the processing of such data within the scope in which such processing is done for the such direct marketing purposes. The Controller shall not make automated decisions in individual profiling-based case; they shall also not make any decision based solely on automated processing of the data, including data profiling, which might potentially have a significant impact on the owner of the data. The Controller shall implement appropriate measures to protect the rights, liberties, and legally justified interests of the data owner.
  10. More information regarding this Privacy policy and the rules governing the processing and protection of personal data at the Controller’s may be obtained and the Data Protection Officer may be contacted at the above address or at [email protected]
    Cookies are files facilitating the storage of data or access to data already stored on the End User’s terminal while or after visiting Internet sites, including the Controller’s website. Cookies used at the Controller’s website do not store any personal data and are used e.g. for the purposes of remembering User’s preferences of protecting the website itself. Some features provided by the Controller’s website shall be unavailable if no consent for the installation of cookies is provided by the USER.

    Session cookies required for appropriate exchange of data between the Administrator’s served and the browser, and thus for appropriate display of the contents of the website as well as use of features provided. The purpose for the Administrator’s storage and access do these data is to identify a particular session (i.e. a dialog between the browser and the server) and to discriminate between users contacting the server at the same time. Cookies are stored on the User’s terminal and remain there until the browser session is completed. Any stored data are then permanently deleted from the device’s memory. Session cookies don’t allow collection of any personal or confidential data from the User’s device. Third-party cookies of entities cooperating with the Controller facilitate information on the number of website visits and the behaviors of website users being stored by these entities. The purpose for the third party’s storage and access to such data is to collect information on website traffic. No personal information is contained. In the case of this service, third-party cookies are those collected by Google Analytics for the purpose of better service customization.

    Most browsers are set to accept cookies by default to ensure the User’s convenience and proper display of website contents.
    User may change the cookies settings by themselves and at any time so as to define the conditions for cookies being stored or having access to the User’s device. Settings may be changed by the user using the browser preferences or service setup.
    Users who want no cookies being installed in their terminal may refuse their consent for the installation of cookies by performing the following steps:
    – In Internet Explorer, select
    Utilities / Internet Options from the main menu. In the Privacy tab, select Advanced and turn off the cookies.
    – In Firefox, select
    Utilities / Options from the main menu and select the privacy level in the Privacy section.
    – In Opera, select
    Utilities / Preferences / Advanced / Cookies.
    – In Google Chrome, select Settings from the menu on the. Click Advanced and then “Cookie Settings.
    The aforementioned browser types are provided as examples. Due to the wide variety of browsers used by the Users, differences may be encountered in relation to relevant settings. Usually, settings regarding the cookies can be found under Utilities or Preferences.
    Relevant information is usually available from the browser manufacturer’s website.

The website contains link to other WWW pages. We assume no liability for the privacy policies of page owners. We encourage Users to familiarize themselves with relevant privacy policies when visiting such pages. This privacy policy is valid only for the Controller’s website.