The gold standard of mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a professional procedure which has been in use by physicians worldwide for more than 30 years; it consists in delivering hyaluronic acid and nutrients such as vitamins, amino acids, and microelements, into the deep dermis. The “vitamin cocktail” is delivered by means of injection, i.e. Using a syringe and a needle. Thus, the active ingredients are delivered directly to sites which need these ingredients.


  • rejuvenation and improvement in skin appearance
  • rejuvenation of the facial oval
  • reduced wrinkle depth
  • reduction of discolorations
  • Restoration of skin tone and elasticity
  • Treatment of scars and stretch marks
  • Reduction of cellulite
  • hair loss treatment
  • anti-ageing prophylaxis


The effects are visible as early as after the first procedure; however, series of 3 procedures (at 1 month intervals) are recommended twice a year. 

  • wrinkle reduction
  • skin color improvement
  • skin hydration
  • skin brightening 

Filorga  a leader in anti-ageing prophylaxis

Filorga mesotherapy is based on 2 unique products, NCTF® and NCTF HA®, with quantitative and qualitative composition ensuring optimum aesthetic effects without any risk to the skin. NCTF® and NCTF HA® are ones of the few injectable products registered for use in mesotherapy. This confirms the high quality and safety of these agents.

The secret consists in

carefully developed formulation

Hyaluronic acid – is hygroscopic, i.e. capable of adsorbing and binding high quantities of water, thus contributing to its better hydration, firmness, smoothness, and flexibility.

12 vitamins – appropriately selected vitamins increase the collagen production, inhibit free radical reaction, or contribute to increased skin radiance.

23 amino acids – the principal building blocks for proteins responsible for skin firmness, tone, and elasticity such as collagen or elastin.

6 minerals –  to improve skin metabolism and slow down the ageing process.

6 coenzymes – to accelerate tissue regeneration.

5 nucleic acids – to regulate the synthesis of proteins.

2 reducing agents – to inhibit free radical processes in dermal and epidermal cells.

Hydra Booster

Firms, hydrates, rejuvenates

Hydra Booster is a completely new, unique, and innovative approach to skin firming, hydration, and rejuvenation. It consists in a combination of two proven products in a single procedure. The first product, Filorga’s flagship NCTF 135HA, contains hyaluronic acid and as many as 53 other ingredients required for proper skin function. It ensures excellent hydration, smoothing of superficial wrinkles, as well as more homogeneously coloration and better brightness of skin. The other product is M-HA 18 with hyaluronic acid and glycerol, ensuring very deep hydration and firming effect with simultaneous protection against free radicals. The combination of substances contained in both products provides a unique, concentrated rejuvenation boost for the skin. HYDRA BOOSTER may be used in the face, neck, décolleté;, elbows, knees, and feet.

Lift Booster

Lift Booster is ideal for customers who would like to improve their skin’s hydration and nutrition while improving skin firmness and facial contour during a single procedure. Lift Booster is a combination of two products, NCTF135HA and Fine Line hyaluronic acid. NCTF135HA is rich in non-crosslinked hyaluronic acid which contains 53 active agents for better stimulation and hydration of skin. NCTF135HA evens out skin color and reduces enlarged pores. FINE LINE smoothes superficial wrinkles such as crow’s feet and vertical upper lip lines.

Preparation and procedure 
The procedure involving NCTF® and NCTF HA® lasts 15 to 30 minutes. Before the procedure, local anesthetic cream may be applied for improved patient comfort. Next, the skin is cleansed and gently injected with the product. Local redness may develop immediately after the procedure; it should resolve within 10-20 minutes. Slight swelling may persist until the following day.

• pregnancy and breastfeeding
• allergies
• diabetes (uncontrolled)
• skin inflammation
• herpes
• use of anticoagulants
• cancer diseases