Aesthetic medicine – body

Aesthetic medicine for men. Body Treatments
Every year, more and more men decide to visit the aesthetic medicine office to improve their appearance. Specially developed treatment formulas allow for deep nourishment, rejuvenation and revitalization of male face and body skin. At Medicus Self, we offer aesthetic medicine treatments for men that will improve their natural appearance, rebuild confidence and get rid of complexes.

Aesthetic medicine for men –scar removal
Scars appear as a result of damage to skin tissues. Scarring can occur, for example, as a result of an accident or surgery. Very often they cause not only physical but also mental discomfort. Scars in a visible place on the body are the cause of the complexes and are a major aesthetic problem. In Medicus Self you will find several options for removing scars or significantly reducing their visibility. We offer our patients dermapenem, carboxytherapy, laser therapy and RF microneedle treatments.

Aesthetic medicine for men –hyperhidrosis treatment
The popular botox or botulinum toxin is used not only to reduce and reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but also to treat hyperhidrosis. Injecting selected parts of the body causes blocking of nerve endings, thanks to which the problem of excessive sweating disappears. Depending on the individual preferences of the patient’s body, to maintain the effect, it is recommended to repeat the treatment after about 6-9 months.

Aesthetic medicine for men –body modeling
A slim and muscular figure is the dream of many a man. However, sometimes diets and physical activity do not bring the expected results. Then it is worth reaching for one of the non-invasive methods of slimming the male body, i.e. lipolysis or endermology. Both types of treatments allow you to get satisfying results without unnecessary pain.

Aesthetic medicine for men – cosmetic surgery
At Medicus Self, we’ve also prepared a special offer for surgical body slimming. Liposuction is a highly effective invasive surgery. During the operation, the surgeon can suck up a maximum of 3-4 liters of fat. Thanks to this, the treatment effects are extremely satisfying. After the resolution of postoperative edema, the circumferences of the operated body part decrease significantly, which translates into an increase in the patient’s self-esteem and an increase in the comfort of his life.
Plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine clinic Medicus Self has modern equipped medical surgeries, which enable effective and, above all, safe procedures in the field of aesthetic medicine for men. Our doctors are experienced specialists in their field who care about the patient’s comfort at every stage of medical activities.