Operating room

At Medicus Self, the safety of our patients during the procedures is our priority. Therefore, our two operating rooms have been fitted with state-of-the-art instrumentation and equipment, including.

  • 3D video channels with Ultra HD 4K resolution for better spatial orientation of surgeons;
  • Intraoperative navigation for easier surgeries in hardly accessible locations;
  • Ventilation system ensuring excellent air quality with 24 air changes per hour.

Patient rooms

Our patients remain under care of our physicians and nursed 24 hours a day so that they may feel safe and comfortable at all times. We offer spacious, single, double, and triple rooms with bathrooms, TVs, monitoring and personnel call system.

During the stay, each patient receives a tablet for controlling the light switches and TVs.


Patients commuting by car may use the underground parking facility for arriving and leaving the clinic discretely.