Skin is one of the largest and most important organs of our bodies. The area of skin in an adult human is about 2 m2; the organ is responsible for a large number of functions. As every organ, skin is subject to ageing processes and diseases.

The skin may be affected by various diseases. Redness, pimples, allergies, discolorations, scars, scaling and itching are among the most common symptoms, with virtually everybody experiencing some of them at some point in their lives. Skin is susceptible to numerous internal as well as external factors and therefore skin reactions should not be ignored as they may become the cause of other concomitant diseases.

All types of lesions, including warts, moles, patches, discolorations, excoriations, blisters, pustulae, cracks, scales, scabs, or ulcers, are referred to as skin reactions.

Although skin reactions are not always indicative of an underlying disease, any lesion which persists for a longer time should be assessed and examined by a dermatologist. Dermatoscopic examinations should be a standard examination in a manner similar to the periodic dental checkup, with “skin checkups” being performed once a year.

Today, dermatology offers a wide range of available options for a beautiful and healthy skin. All skin lesions, particularly facial lesions, may affect our happiness and comfort. A radiant, healthy skin contributes to our self-esteem and attractiveness.

At Medicus Self, we offer treatment options for a variety of skin disorders, starting from pharmacotherapy and laser therapy, and ending with more invasive surgical procedures.  Thanks to our experienced specialists and state-of-the-art technologies, we are offering combination therapy to accelerate the management and outcomes being expected by patients.

Our offer includes:

– classical dermatology
– laser dermatology
– aesthetic dermatology
– dermatosurgery

– aesthetic dermatology

We effectively treat:
– Discolorations
– Acne
– Rosacea
– Atopic dermatitis
– Hyperhidrosis
– Skin lesions
– Vascular lesions
– Bacterial, viral, fungal infections