Skin discolorations may develop as a result of different factors, starting from the most common involving excess exposure to sunlight, hormonal disturbances, pharmacotherapy, skin inflammation (acne discolorations), or the natural skin ageing process.


Discolorations are very troublesome in aesthetic as well as functional terms. Discolorations are simply skin blemishes visible to the naked eye. They are well-differentiated in color and characterized by a recurring trend; their etiology is not always clear.


Discolorations should not be disregarded, and patients should make an appointment for dermatoscopic assessment of the lesion. Dermatologists at Medicus Self always develop a treatment plan aimed at assessing the type of discoloration and implementation of appropriate measures for eliminating it. The basis for implementation of this treatment plan consists in the evaluation of the extent, stage, and size of lesions during the dermatological consultation. Discolorations may also occur as a result of the history of acne, burns, or mechanical trauma.

At our Clinic, patients are offered effective laser therapy to remove skin discolorations. Treatment plans include combined techniques so as to stay true to our corporate standard of meeting patients’ expectations as quickly as possible, and most patients expect the results of discoloration treatment to be evident as quickly as possible.

Currently, the most common methods for the treatment of discolorations include lasers and chemical peels.  Our patients are offered with efficient methods to treat discolorations.

We propose various types of therapies to reduce this problem, including:

V-beam Lasermakes use of pulsed-dye laser (PDL) technology. A pulse of light impacts the lesion to be absorbed by melanin (the dye within the discoloration), resulting in its damage. The damaged skin is then eliminated from the system within 2-8 weeks. In many cases, appropriate effect is achieved following a single procedure. In case of deeper lesions, series of several procedures are recommended.

Retexture Brite Peel: a brightening and firming treatment. It is a chemical procedure involving high concentrations of acids. It facilitates:

– significant improvement of discolorations and overall skin color

– improvement of skin smoothness and texture

– improvement of skin firmness and elasticity.

The office visit marks the start of the treatment while the most important part of it consists in home care with Retexture Serum which is available for sale and supports the brightening effect of the procedure.