The skin is one of the largest and most important organs of our body. In an adult, it occupies an area of ​​about 2 m 2 and is responsible for a number of functions. Like all organs, it undergoes a natural aging process and diseases.

Skin diseases can be various. Redness, pimples, allergy, discoloration, scars, flaky and itchy skin are some of the most common changes, and although one of them has certainly been observed on our skin once. The skin is susceptible to many external and internal factors, therefore one cannot ignore its reactions whose symptoms may be the cause of other comorbidities.

All kinds of skin changes: warts, moles, spots, warts, condylomas, discoloration, excoriations, blisters, pimples, cracks, scales, scabs, ulcers are skin lesions.

They may not always mean illness, but any change that stays on your skin for some time should be evaluated and examined by a dermatologist.

Modern dermatology offers a wide range of possibilities to fight for beautiful and healthy skin. Any skin changes can affect our sense of happiness and comfort.

At Medicus Self, we treat and offer various treatment options for skin diseases – from pharmacological therapies to laser therapy to more invasive surgery. Thanks to good specialists and using the latest technologies, we can offer patients combined treatment methods, which often speeds up the treatment process and gives the effects that the patient expects.

We offer comprehensive treatment in the field of:

Classical Dermatology
Laser dermatology
Aesthetic dermatology