Excessive facial and body hair

Target group

Laser depilation consists in permanent removal of hair. It is dedicated to individuals who want to get rid of their excess hair once and for all.

State-of-the-art technology

At Medicus Self, laser depilation (epilation) procedures are performed using the state-of-the-art Soprano ICE Platinum laser. It is the world’s first laser to emit three different wavelengths (alexandrite 755 nm, LED 810 nm, Nd:YAG 1064 nm) within a single pulse. Thanks to this innovative solution, hair structure is damaged at different depths for better efficacy regardless of the color and the structure of hair. The synergy of three wavelengths (a gold standard in laser depilation) prevents hair regrowth.

Soprano Ice Platinum is:

  • A single laser probe emitting 3 wavelengths within a single pulse
  • SHR technology making the procedure virtually painless and eliminating the risk of damage to the surrounding tissue.
  • Ice Tech system for cooling the surface of the skin and increasing patient’s comfort during the procedure
  • Effective in thin and bright hair on skin of all phototypes

 Number of procedures

Epilation is performed every 8 weeks (body excluding face) or every 6 weeks (face).

Every procedure eliminates about 20-30% of hair, as this is the percentage of hair at the growth phase. The hair falls off within 2 weeks while the remaining hair regrows. The recommended number of procedures is 5-6.

Pre-procedural recommendations

  • Patients should avoid tanning bed treatments (3-4 weeks before the procedure)
  • Patients should avoid tanning (4 weeks before the procedure)
  • Before the procedure, skin should be clean of any viral (warts) or bacterial lesions
  • Patients should avoid removing hair using wax or sugar paste (at least 4 weeks before the procedure)
  • No peels at the target site for 2 weeks before the procedure
  • No chemical exfoliation (acids) for 4 weeks before the procedure
  • 3 weeks before the procedure, patient should discontinue all photosensitizing medications and herbal products such as horsetail, St. John’s wort, motherwort, violet, marigold, sage, nettle, chamomile
  • Brightening or bronzing balms are not recommended on the day of procedure (as they might reflect the laser light beam)

One day before the procedure

The target area should be shaved using a single-use razor 12 hours before the procedure. Care should be taken not to damage the continuity of skin. In addition, it is recommended that a small area of non-shaved skin is left before the first procedure for cosmetologist’s assessment of hair color and determination of appropriate procedure parameters.