Loss of skin firmness, flabby skin in different parts of the body, wrinkles, loss of radiance, “second chin”, flabby buttocks, flabby abdominal skin

Target group

SonoQueen is the newest generation of the high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) technology used for non-invasive, non-surgical lifting of face and body. A precise, focused ultrasound beam penetrates into 3 layers, i.e. dermis, adipose tissue, and superficial fascia (SMAS), generating thermal coagulation points. This initiates the process of collagenesis, regeneration of flabby collagen fibers, and contraction of tissues for multidimensional firming. As a result, a spectacular and permanent tone-increasing effect is activated in deep skin layers.


SonoQueen is equipped with a set of special cartridges for precise operation at different tissue depths from 2.0 to 4.5 mm in the face and to 6.0 mm elsewhere in the body. The procedures are painless and require no downtime for recovery. The procedure series consists of 1 to 3 procedures performed at 3-4 month intervals. The first effects can be observed immediately after the procedure. Full effects of non-surgical lifting can be enjoyed after 3 months.


Pregnancy, autoimmune diseases, cancer, acute bacterial and viral skin diseases.