Vascular lesions within the face and body; spider veins, redness of face and nose, hemangiomas

Target group

At Medicus Self, vessel obliteration is achieved using the ThermaVein thermocoagulation device which delivers controlled doses of high frequency (RF) energy to the blood vessels. ThermaVein is the only marketed device facilitating the treatment of sensitive areas such as eyelids or nasal mucosa; treatments may be delivered all year round. The procedure is also effective in the treatment of lesions within the neck, shoulders, and other body areas.


An ultra-thin needle precisely delivers the energy to the target site. This prevents the risk of damage to the neighboring tissues. Radiofrequency current is delivered only to the weak or damaged vessels so that they are immediately closed and obliterated. The outcome is immediately visible. Slight residual redness and swelling resolve quickly after the procedure.

The procedure lasts about 15 minutes. It facilitates obliteration of ca. 150 mm of vessels. The procedure is very simple and precise ThermaVein emits a short pulse of microwaves lasting about 0.2 second. The energy penetrates the target site to the maximum depth of 1.5 mm (corresponding to the size of a head of a pin or a grain of sand). The energy obliterates the vessels making them invisible.

Should the procedure be repeated?

One procedure is sufficient for most customers. When the problem is more advanced, additional sessions may be required. Unfortunately, many causes (alcohol consumption, exposure to sunlight, etc.) may lead to the development of new lesions. In such cases, elimination or avoidance of causes is necessary.


Immediate. Vessels disappear immediately after being touched by the needle.   The movies presented on the page are 100% authentic and similar outcomes may be expected. The procedure has no effect on daily activities.


Other treatment methods may restrict patient’s freedom for up to 8 weeks.  Possible aftermath of a ThermaVein procedure is as mild as slight erythema or swelling. These are observed in some patients only, while most are capable of immediately resuming all daily activities.