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Dr n. med. Maciej Koźlik
Plastic surgery
lek. med. Anna Bagińska
Plastic surgery
Sabina Piwko
Maria Rusinowska
lek. med. Tomasz Kolka
Aesthetic medicine
lek. med. Katarzyna Cygan
lek. med. Joanna Stoch-Stój
Aesthetic medicine
lek. med. Artur Kierach
lek. med. Anna Wójcik-Maciejewicz
Aesthetic medicine
lek. med. Aleksandra Łuniewska
Plastic surgery
Stanisław Ferenc
Vascular surgery
Dr n.med. Edyta Lelonek
Aesthetic medicine
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Medicus Self is the most modern clinic of plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine in Lower Silesia. It is a full synergy of innovative medical technologies with the knowledge and experience of perfectly trained specialists. Our priority is safety and individual approach to the needs of each patient, which guarantee the effectiveness of treatment. The clinic offers comprehensive treatment in the field of plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine, dermatology, phlebology, aesthetic gynecology, trichology and cosmetology.

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Aesthetic medicine for men

Plastic surgery, aesthetic medicine and cosmetology treatments are gaining popularity among men. More and more men are beginning to pay more attention to the issue of taking care of themselves, because they are aware of the value of a healthy, energetic look. Thinking about them, we have prepared a unique offer that will allow them to keep their face and body in good shape longer.

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