Blepharoplasty – a spectacular way to rejuvenate facial appearance

Blepharoplasty is one of the most common plastic surgery procedures performed within the face and neck region. The reason for this is that first visible signs of ageing are observed in the eye region. The procedure provides an efficient solution to heavy eyelids, excess skin above the upper eyelid, and eyelid ptosis.  Indications for the procedure may be functional as well as aesthetic since the dropping eyelids may limit one’s field of vision.

– Most often, blepharoplasty procedures are performed in middle-aged or more mature patients. Usually, they are females although the problem may affect males as well. Eyelids, both upper and lower, are one of the regions where ageing processes are most evident. The reason for this is that the skin around eyes is very delicate – five times thinner than the skin in the other parts of the face. Over years, the orbicularis oculi muscle become weaker and fat hernias are formed, making one’s look heavier and dull, and their face appearing fatigued and much older – explains dr. Aleksandra Łuniewska, plastic surgeon at the Medicus Self clinic in Wrocław.

Short and safe

Blepharoplasty is a procedure consisting in excess skin and flabby orbicularis oculi muscle being resected. The procedure is performed under local anesthesia. In the case of the upper eyelid, a delicate incision is mate at the site of its natural fold, while the lower eyelid is incised about 1-2 mm below the eyelash line.  – The procedure starts with anesthesia being delivered by a delicate injection in the upper eyelid region. Next, skin incision is performed and the excess flabby muscle and fat hernias are removed. The procedure lasts about 40 minutes. After this time, patients may resume their activities without the need to remain at the clinic. Sutures are usually removed five days after the procedure. The scar, initially visible as a thin, red line, fades away over time and becomes virtually invisible after several weeks – says dr. Aleksandra Łuniewska, MD. Before the procedure, blood tests (coagulation profile and hematology) should be performed to exclude the risk of complications such as excess bleeding during or soon after the surgery.  Any blood thinners should be discontinued several days before the procedure.

Watch a video footage of a blepharoplasty procedure

Not only aesthetics

Blepharoplasty is one of the most commonly performed plastic surgery procedures allowing for

spectacular aesthetic effects to be achieved. Eyes become wider, the look becomes more expressive, and the face becomes visibly younger. However, the procedure may also improve the quality of vision and thus the quality of the patient’s life. One of my patients is Ewa – a 65-year-old dentist. Drooping eyelids became a source of problems for her professional activity, as her eyes became fatigued and she experienced significant heaviness of eyelids. Today, one month after the procedure, Ewa reports significant improvement in the field of her vision and restored comfort while providing care to her patients – adds dr. Aleksandra Łuniewska, MD.

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